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Submerged arc welding contact tips

Submerged arc welding usually works in heavy current and high temperature working environment, this requires SAW contact tips to have excellent wear resistance and electrical conductivity.

Generally, contact tips are made of copper or chromium zirconium copper. Currently, most of the large diameter oil pipes are welded by automatic welding machine, and the whole pipe needs to complete the welding process without stop. In this way, the welding quality of pipes can be assured. The softening temperature of CuCrlZr contact tips is around 800ºC, and these contact tips are not highly wear-resistant to guarantee the 24-hour welding system keep working without stop.

Landytop has developed submerged arc welding contact tips with copper tungsten being inserted into the CuCrZr tubes. China National Petroleum Corporation, the fourth largest company in the world as of 2014, is using our contact tips. It speaks highly of our SAW contact tips, and comments that the service time of our contact tips is about 5 times longer than Cu and CuCrZr contact tips.

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