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Sapphire Growth Furnace

Sapphire Growth Furnace

In sapphire growth furnaces, we offer 30kg, 60kg, 85kg, 120kg full set hot zones including tungsten crucibles, molybdenum crucibles, tungsten heaters, tungsten heat-insulated barrel cylinders, tungsten sheets, molybdenum sheets, molybdenum reflection shields, tungsten-molybdenum supports and cover plates, and other copper electrodes and stainless steel parts.

1. JBNR possesses a highly-qualified technical team which has solid theoretical guidance and extremely rich practicing experience in the aspects of powder metallurgy, press processing and shape processing. Besides, an energetic technical team with appropriate ages is full of powerful creative spirits and exploratory capabilities.
2. Due to powerful execution capability, excellent product quality, and perfect technical support, JBNR receives the trust and long-term purchasing orders from world-famous companies such as Rubiccon from America, Apeks from Russia, Kyocera from Japan, LG and Hansol from Korea and ACME Electronics Corporation from Taiwan, etc.

Zhuzhou Jiabang Refractory Metal Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary Company: Zhuzhou Jiabang Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd.) is devoted to producing tungsten and molybdenum products like tungsten crucible, tungsten sheet and molybdenum sheet, to be used in sapphire growth furnaces.

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